College Timetable

The 精东影业 school day is structured around five 65 minute periods.

The timetable features:

  • five 65 minute periods each day
  • four Homeroom/Senior Mentor Group sessions听a week
  • one LAVP (Living and Values Program) session each week
  • a 10 day cycle.

Monday to Thursday Timetable

Homeroom 8.30am 听听 8.40am

Period One 8.40am 听听 9.45am

Period Two 9.45am 听听 10.50am

Recess 10.50am 听听 11.10am

Period Three 11.10am 听听 12.15pm

Period Four 12.15pm 听听 1.20pm

Lunch 1.20pm 听听 2.10pm

Period Five 2.10pm 听听 3.15pm

Friday Timetable

Period One 8.45am 听听 9.50am

Period Two 9.50am 听听 10.55am

Recess 10.55am 听听 11.15am

Period Three 11.15am 听听 12.20pm

LAVP 12.20pm 听听 1.05pm

Lunch 1.05pm 听听 1.55pm

Period Five 1.55pm 听听 3.00pm